Desmond Tang was born in 1987, Singapore.

Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts as a Graphic Design Major but soon after found his passion in documentary photography. Currently based in Singapore but travels frequently to Vietnam, China and Russia for personal projects.

Largely influenced by Anders Petersen & Paolo Roversi, his works explores and shares intimate connections from people and places around him, believing that the only way to make good photographs is to be close to his subjects, physically and spiritually.


On weddings

I started wedding photography almost two years ago, primarily focusing on pre-wedding/engagement photography. I wouldn’t say i have a specific style but rather, a different approach. Embracing what couples had given me; stories, places, their songs, or even her favourite evening dress then turning those essences into images that represent the couple. The idea of just having a beautiful image is not in my context of photography, it has got to have some sort of peculiarities that belongs to the couple. I’m also very fond of misty dawn where everything seems a little magical, especially after a long crazy night. I guess it sort of imprint in my photographs, using various techniques to add a dash of blur, uncertainty, darkness as well as a bit of romance into reality. 


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