Jovel & Hayley

Both wonderful friends of mine and it was my pleasure to be their photographer. Had a great time during the shoot with all close friends helping out haha. Once again, happy marriage and a awesome lifetime ahead! :)  

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On standard.

I don't do standard.

There simply isn't a standard number of hours, locations, poses or charge when i do pre-wedding shoots. My sole priority is our concept. My approach is to do every shoot differently, to keep the working process on it's feet and letting the ideas come alive. 

I wanna feel inspired when i do a shoot for you and that is the only standard i could give.

Have a great week ahead!

Choonyan & Chloe

I'm beginning to realise that i'm planning some shoots according to recollections of my life or things that i wish i'd have done in the past. It has never occur to me that I'd relate myself with projects that aren't for my personal work, simply because they're meant for someone else. 

Anyways, I love this shoot I did for Choonyan & Chloe! I really enjoy photographing young people i must say, always full of energy and fun to work with. 

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