Regis & Lareina

I'd usually avoid shooting for actual day weddings, mainly due to the sheer amount of people i have to document and well, I don't like working with someone else. Not to mention, i secretly loathe most of the hotel's ballroom settings... just no... 

Now this is a wedding that i had a awesome time documenting. A yacht filled with just family and friends that the couple had known for years. No awkwardness & "I have no idea who is that guy" moments, most people would probably know what i mean. It was a blast and everyone had a great time sharing stories, reminiscing the Good Ol' Days and not to mention the wines and beers. All I did was simply joining the party with my camera, being up close and personal. This is what wedding is all about, isn't it? Sharing the good news and celebrating the love with people whom you cared for most. Don't empty your savings to impress people; go travel instead or get a restored Singer Porsche 911 with custom chassis, engine, transmission... going off track.

So like-minded people, if you need someone to document your intimate wedding, hit me up. I'd be glad to join your party :)

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Ellery & Lisa

Had two wonderful weekends with this lovely couple. Some things didn't go quite as planned but hey, "letting go is to accept the good things that is waiting for us" eh? 

Have a great weekend guys!

Jerome & Sarah

Never been to nurseries before, let alone one filled with orchids. Felt like a excursion rather than a portrait session, with everyone ending up buying orchids home. Fun times. 

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Got featured on The Lane and i'm super excited to share the news! Here is the link.

If you're outta inspiration for your wedding, check them out. They've got some great articles and plenty of unique ideas for you. Have a great weekend! 

On affection.

One could capture a beautiful image with the perfect composition, lighting or even the perfect moment. But when you find yourself struggling to search for the slightest possible meaning of a picture after the shot was taken, you would doubt the words you're putting in the caption later. It literally drives me nuts sometimes, that i would chuck that roll of film away without even developing it.

Back on topic, I found myself having an affection lately. Being drawn towards the wildly romantic sentiments I'd imagine happening between total strangers. Much like directing a ten minutes short film in my head and cropping out screen shots of it with my camera. Maybe i could do a series of that..

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