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Desmond Tang was born in 1987, Singapore.

Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts as a Graphic Design Major but soon after found his passion in documentary photography. Currently based in Singapore but travels frequently to Vietnam, China and Russia for personal projects.

Largely influenced by Anders Petersen & Paolo Roversi, his works explores and shares intimate connections from people and places around him, believing that the only way to make good photographs is to be close to his subjects, physically and spiritually.

Desmond 出生於1987年,新加坡。


Anders Petersen和Paolo Roversi深深影響了Desmond對待攝影的態度,Desmond相信拍攝好照片的唯一方式就是貼近對方的靈魂,他運用鏡頭替靈魂之窗探索世界,並分享他深刻感受到的那人和地方間的親密關係。


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